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Frequently Asked Questions

1.   Who can use the services of Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS)?  Does
       it cost anything?




2.   What are my rights and are they different to anyone else’s rights?

3.    Advocacy – what does it mean and how does ARAS advocate for older

4.    What if the older person has dementia or has had a stroke and can’t make        decisions for themselves’, how can you ensure their rights are upheld?

5.    Would the advocate speak directly to an alleged abuser?

6.    Can ARAS give legal advice?

7.    Can I remain anonymous?


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ARAS is an organisation which assists older people whose rights are at risk, whether it is through receiving aged care services; residing in a Commonwealth subsidised aged care facility; residency issues in Retirement Villages or those who are at risk of, or are experiencing abuse by someone the older person should be able to trust, such as family.  Abuse may include one or more of the following forms: financial, psychological/emotional, physical, sexual, social and/or neglect.


To be eligible for our services, consumers are 65 years and over and 50 years and over for Aboriginal consumers.  There is no cost should you require assistance.

If an older person is culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) and  requires an interpreter, ARAS will only use professional interpreters, with no cost to the consumer for this service.

We are a free, confidential, independent and state wide service and include assisting consumers who live in country regions.

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