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How to Promote the APEA Video

Download the Videos

To download the APEA 3-minute videos, follow the 3 steps below. You can download the videos of other APEA members. We encourage you to promote the videos widely and regularly.

  1. Click the Vimeo link here


  2. Click the thumbnail icon for the APEA videos you wish to download (examples are circled below). You are welcome to download and share all the APEA 3-minute videos.


3.   Click the DOWNLOAD button that appears below the Vimeo Video Player.


Once you’ve downloaded the video, you can transfer it to USB memory sticks (or a DVD) and play it wherever you choose (e.g. waiting rooms, community talks etc). The video is subtitled & can be played with the volume muted.


Your Homepage

After downloading the video, we suggest you give it to your website manager so they can post it prominently on your website’s homepage.


IMPORTANT: it will assist APEA if you put the following wording next to the video on your website:  

To see a longer video about elder abuse and free services for older South Australians, visit


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