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How to Promote the APEA Video


It is important to regularly promote the videos  on Facebook to ensure they reach as many South Australians as possible.  Post a video by following the 3 steps below.


  1. Open your organisation’s Facebook page and create a new post.


  2. Upload your video to Facebook by clicking the “Photo/Video” button (circled below). You can then select the APEA video file you want to share.


3.   In your post, use short phrases that attract attention, are easily understood and encourage users to share your post. Consider using the content below in bold and the suggested hash tags.

Elder Abuse - There’s No Excuse

Do you know someone who might be at risk?

This video highlights free services that can assist and protect older South Australians. 


To see a longer video about elder abuse and services from other SA agencies, visit

(Leave a blank line between the text above and the hashtags below.)

#ElderAbuseNoExcuse #APEA #ProtectingOlderSouthAustralians


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