Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What happens if I die without a Will? Does it go to the Government?


2.    What happens if a person dies suddenly and it is unknown if they have a        valid Will?


3.     Can I make changes to my Will at any time?


4.     What role can Public Trustee play in managing someone’s financial and          legal affairs?


5.     What does a Financial Administrator do?

6.     What does a Manager do?


7.      What does an Attorney do?


8.       What are the differences and the roles performed by the South           Australian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (SACAT), Public Advocate           and Public Trustee in protecting vulnerable clients?


9.      How can I protect myself from financial abuse?


10.     What does Public Trustee charge to manage a customer’s financial



The three organisations above are three separate bodies.

Public Trustee and the Public Advocate are subject to the directions of SACAT. If appointed as Financial Administrator by SACAT, Public Trustee is involved in a person’s financial and legal matters.

If the Public Advocate is appointed by SACAT as Guardian then the Office of the Public Advocate are involved in health, accommodation and lifestyle

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