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Frequently Asked Questions

1.    What happens if I don’t have an Advance Care Directive in place and I        am not able to make my own decisions?


2.    What kind of disagreements can arise about an Advance Care        Directive?


3.    Who can help my Substitute Decision-Makers, relatives or friends        resolve a conflict about my health, accommodation or personal issues?

4.    How will my voice be heard during a conflict?

5.    What if there is a dispute about my decision making capacity?


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If you have appointed more than one Substitute Decision-Maker, there may be disagreements about a decision that needs to be made for you.

Sometimes, one Substitute Decision-Maker won’t pass on relevant information about health or accommodation issues to the other.

At other times they may stop relatives and friends from visiting you. Or a disagreement about a health matter may occur between the Substitute Decision-Maker/s and a health service.

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