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APEA comprises of the following organisations:


Aged Rights Advocacy Service (ARAS) - offers a free, confidential and state-wide service to older people, or their representatives, who are: 

  • living in residential aged care

  • receiving the Commonwealth Home Support Programme (CHSP) or Home Care Package (HCP) services

  • at risk of, or experiencing abuse from family or friends

  • living in a retirement village.


ARAS provides:

  • information about aged care: rights, entitlements and responsibilities

  • assistance with registering and accessing home care support through the My Aged Care system (Country and Metropolitan North regions)

  • Aboriginal advocacy

  • support strategies to help you protect yourself

  • support to resolve your concerns or speak on your behalf

  • promotion of the rights of older people

  • information and education sessions.


ARAS' key service areas

  • Residential Care 

  • Community Care

  • Abuse Prevention 

  • Aboriginal Advocacy

  • Retirement Village 

For more information, contact ARAS on (08) 8232 5377 or toll free 1800 700 600. 

The Legal Services Commission of South Australia - The Commission is an Independent Statutory Authority jointly funded by both the South Australian and Commonwealth Governments. It was established in 1977 to increase access to legal services for those people who cannot afford to pay for private legal representation. This mandate is spelt out in the Legal Services Commission Act 1977, which gives the Commission broad powers and responsibilities to work towards equality before the law for all South Australians. The Commission provides legal services through;


  • means-tested grants of legal aid

  • free legal information and advice services

  • free minor assistance services to the disadvantaged

  • community legal education

  • Law Handbook online. Free online resource explaining the law in plain English and linking to legislation and legal resources.


For more information contact the Legal Help Line on 1300 366 424 Monday to Friday 9.00am - 4.30pm.

The Office of the Public Advocate - The Office of the Public Advocate was set up to promote and protect the rights of people with mental incapacity in South Australia. The Office of the Public Advocate has three main client groups:


  • People with mental incapacity

  • Family carers and friends of people with mental incapacity

  • People and organisations with an interest in issues arising from mental incapacity.


The Office of the Public Advocate has several main legislative responsibilities:


  • Guardian of last resort

  • Investigation

  • Education, Advocacy

For more information contact The Office of the Public Advocate on 8342 8200 or toll free1800 066 969.


South Australia Police, Home Assist Program - The SAPOL Home Assist Program is a Commonwealth Home Support Program (CHSP) that is funded by the Australian Government. The aim of the program is to improve home security and personal safety of eligible service users to allow them to remain safely in their homes. SAPOL works together with local Councils, health services and other agencies to support CHSP service users. 


The South Australian Government supports SAPOL to deliver services to people living with a disability and their carers.

To be eligible for SAPOL Home Assist you must be: 


  • 65 years or over, or

  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (50 years and over), or

  • under 65 years living with a disability or Of any age and living with a disability, or

  • a carer of people who meet these criteria.


SAPOL provides:


  • Free Security Audits: A police officer will come and visit you and conduct a free security audit of your home.  You will be provided with a written document highlighting safety and security issues that could be improved. The police officer will provide you with the contact details for the Home Assist representative within the local council. You may receive assistance to implement police suggestions.

  • Free Group Presentations: Police will deliver free educative presentations to groups of 15 people or more. The presentation topics include Home and Personal Safety including home security and safety tips.

  • Safety for Residents in an Aged Care Facility: Providing security and safety advice for residents in aged care facilities.

  • Safety in the Client’s Home: Aimed at carers and volunteers providing home assist services to clients in their home.


For information and to make a booking for a free Security Audit or a Group Presentation, please contact the SAPOL Home Assist Coordinator on 7322 3211.


Public Trustee - South Australians traditionally associate Public Trustee as a ‘maker of Wills’ and a provider of trustee and executor services. Public Trustee has expanded its services to include personal estate planning services, investment services, taxation, real estate management, public education and preparation of Enduring Power of Attorney and Enduring Power of Guardianship documents.


The Public Trustee also provides services to regional South Australia through regular visits ensuring access to their services is made available to people living in regional areas.


Public Trustee is a Government Business Enterprise and an agency of the South Australian Attorney-General's Department with a focus on continuously improving the service they offer to the South Australian community.

For more information, contact Public Trustee on (08) 8226 9200. 

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