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How to Promote the APEA Video


You may upload your APEA video to your organisation’s YouTube account.


However, do not upload another organisation’s APEA video to your YouTube account. (It’s not good to have multiple versions of an APEA video on multiple YouTube accounts.)


Upload your APEA video to YouTube by following the 5 steps below.


  1. Open your organisation’s YouTube account and click the upload button in the top right corner (it’s circled in the picture below). 


2. Select your APEA video to upload to YouTube.


3.  Give your video a title, a description and some tags (in the areas circled in the picture below). Tags relate to subject areas and keywords.


Here is some suggested text that might help you.

Name: Elder abuse (insert your organisation’s name) APEA video

Description: Highlighting services that help to protect older South Australians and prevent elder abuse.

Tags: elder abuse, APEA, protecting older South Australians

4.  Click the “Done” button in the top right (circled below).


5.  Copy and share the link to your video.


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