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How to Promote the APEA Video

Download the Videos

To download the APEA 3-minute videos, follow the 3 steps below. You can download the videos of other APEA members. We encourage you to promote the videos widely and regularly.

For YouTube, however, please upload only your agency’s  video.

  1. Click this link


  2. Click the thumbnail icon for the APEA videos you wish to download (examples are pictured below). You are welcome to download and share all the APEA 3-minute videos.


3.   Click the DOWNLOAD button that appears below the Vimeo Video Player.


Once you’ve downloaded the video, you can transfer it to USB memory sticks (or a DVD) and play it wherever you choose (e.g. waiting rooms, community talks etc). The video is subtitled & can be played with the volume muted.


Your Homepage

After downloading the video, we suggest you give it to your website manager so they can post it prominently on your website’s homepage.


IMPORTANT: it will assist APEA if you put the following wording next to the video on your website:  

To see a longer video about elder abuse and free services for older South Australians, visit



It is important to regularly promote the videos  on Facebook to ensure they reach as many South Australians as possible.  Post a video by following the 3 steps below.


  1. Open your organisation’s Facebook page and create a new post.


  2. Upload your video to Facebook by clicking the “Photo/Video” button (circled below). You can then select the APEA video file you want to share.


3.   In your post, use short phrases that attract attention, are easily understood and encourage users to share your post. Consider using the content below in bold and the suggested hashtags.

Elder Abuse - There’s No Excuse

Do you know someone who might be at risk?

This video highlights free services that can assist and protect older South Australians. 


To see a longer video about elder abuse and services from other SA agencies, visit

(Leave a blank line between the text above and the hashtags below.)

#ElderAbuseNoExcuse #APEA #ProtectingOlderSouthAustralians


Tweet about the APEA videos by following these 3 steps.


  1. Open your organisation’s Twitter account and create a new Tweet (click the box that’s circled in the example below).


  2. For the text in your Tweet, use short phrases that attract attention, are easily understood and encourage users to share your Tweet. Consider using the hashtags mentioned below.


    (Suggested text for Twitter) Concerned about an older relative or friend? We provide free services to help tackle #ElderAbuse & protect older South Australians. #APEA


  3. Click the landscape icon (circled below) to upload an APEA video.




IMPORTANT - video duration:

Twitter lets you post video up to 140 seconds long (it has a simple editing tool to help you choose the video section you wish to use). To stay within Twitter’s 140-seconds video limit, you could remove the credits or remove Chris Boundy’s introduction. His intro could be used as a separate Twitter video post if you wish.

Newsletter and Email promotion

Here is some suggested wording to help you and your supporters highlight the video/s through newsletters, emails and through other means.  The video hyperlink goes to the 10-minute film on the APEA homepage. If you want to link just to your 3-minute film, please edit the hyperlink accordingly.


(headline) New (insert your organisation’s name here) video targets elder abuse

(alternative headline) Free services to protect older South Australians


An alliance of five SA agencies has created a new video to give a quick overview of free services that are available to address elder abuse. Our organisation (insert your agency’s name) is featured in the film. Click here to watch it.


The video provides practical information to protect people’s physical, emotional, mental and financial wellbeing. It informs older South Australians, as well as their families and carers, about services relating to Wills, home security, Advance Care Directives, guardianship, legal help and other assistance for older people.


The video was made by the Alliance for the Prevention of Elder Abuse. The Alliance includes the following agencies: Public Trustee, the Office of the Public Advocate, SA Police, the Legal Services Commission, and the Aged Rights Advocacy Service.


We encourage you to share this video to ensure it reaches as many South Australians as possible.


Images - For Facebook, Twitter, Online Newsletters etc

We suggest you regularly promote the video. The royalty-free images below can help you promote the video/s online, on social media and through newsletters etc.



Images - For Facebook


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